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Welcome to the brand new podcast of Nutty Novelties! We’re a small business from the Philadelphia area and we make the best nut butters you’ve ever had. In season one, you’ll meet the brothers behind the business, Caleb and Jesse Mangum, and hear all about our beginning journeys in business and in real life. Enjoy!


Episode 1 - Jesse interviews Caleb about how Nutty Novelties started (hint: it was NOT called Nutty Novelties), some of our favorite long-time customers, and God's hand in all of it. Enjoy! 

Episode 2 - Hear from everybody's favorite, Mary Mangum (Caleb's wife), on her perspective of the early days, where we're going as a company, and the time she had to kick Caleb out of a Nutty booth! 

Episode 3 - Hear from our Event Coordinator and Co-Owner and Caleb's brother, Jesse Mangum! Listen in on our Energy Bite origin story, a brief cameo from the lovely Katie Mangum, and, appologies in advance, we did have to fit in a commercial spot from our sponsors. 

Episode 4 - Jesse sits down with the infamous GOAT Slinger, Jeniece Reilly, to hear her dramatic Nutty origin story and how her and her family are conquering the Jersey Shore and the WORLD one nut butter at a time! Plus listen closely for a special discount code! 

Episode 5 - Tina Hampson was a friend of Caleb & Mary's that joined us in 2018 for some PT work to get out of the house. Today she runs the show at Nutty while Caleb is out dressing up as woodland creatures and Jesse is conquering the Farmers' Market scene. And it's like the best thing ever. Tune in to hear all she puts up with!  

Episode 6 - You'll love this fun and at times humiliating episode of the Nuttycast to wrap season 1! Listen in and go wayyy back with OG Employee and Caleb's SIL, Cassie Childs. 

Special shout outs in this episode to Steven Childs, David Rineer, and Sarah Francis! Enjoy!