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Our History

Nutty Novelties started back in 2012 at the Lansdale Farmers’ Market with the original concept of a Build-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar. On the advice of a friend when trail mixes weren’t working out, we started playing around with some natural nut butters.

By 2014 we moved exclusively to pre-packaged nut butters, added more farmers’ markets and began wholesaling our product to high-end, locally-minded retailers.

We’ve continued to experiment with recipes to this day, now with a line comprising of 18 different varieties, all with the philosophy in mind to keep them high in protein, low in sugar, all natural and made by hand, by US, right in Telford PA. Our flavor profiles are designed to be nutty first (after all, nuts are delicious and great for you), with just enough flavor in the fun ones to keep you coming back, without adding too much sugar.

If you’re wondering where to start we might recommend The Hits Sampler Pack, a package of our top-5 sellers, or just go for a jar of Dark Chocolate Almond Butter, our healthy Nutella alternative.


Who We Are

Caleb Mangum

Caleb founded the company in 2012, originally as a famers’ market experiment. He’s a 2006 graduate of Souderton Area HS (about 1 mile from our production facility, and a 2010 graduate of Temple University (psych major, for the record). Caleb does a little bit of everything at Nutty Novelties but his main role now is overseeing our wholesale operations and, as he’s dubbed it, “dispatch” for our delivery routes.

Caleb is married to the amazing Mary Mangum and is so proud of his 5-year-old son, Austin. If you look closely you might even see them featured in some social media content! He is very involved at his church, The Renew Community of Lansdale, and is currently fostering two young children.
“I’m so thankful for the team we have at Nutty. This thing has really grown and taken off much more quickly than I expected and that’s only possible because of our amazing people. All glory to God too, for allowing me to be in this role and steward this small business; I am beyond blessed to love what I do every day and be along for this ride.”


Jesse Mangum

Jesse (Caleb’s brother) became involved with Nutty Novelties in 2013. When Caleb was just starting to make his nut butters, Jesse was his right-hand man. Over the summers while he wasn't in school, Jesse started to get out and sell the nut butters at various farmers' markets and special events. Jesse graduated from Souderton High School in 2015 and then Cedarville University (Global Business/Finance major) in 2019. 

During Jesse's senior year at university, he got a phone call from Caleb telling him that the business was growing and that he could really use a partner to run and further develop the company. Jesse likes to say about his decision to join Nutty Novelties, "I figured that if this works out, it would be really fun to work with my brother and get to be a part of helping this small company grow. And if it doesn't work out, at least it will be a pretty cool story. God has blessed this company to not only stay in business, but to really thrive, and it's so fun to be a part of it." Jesse does a little bit of everything at Nutty Novelties, but his main role is coordinating the hundreds of markets and events that the company participates in every year. We are looking at nearly 500 market/event days in 2023!

Jesse is married to the lovely Katie Mangum, who also works part-time for Nutty Novelties, and they have a precious daughter, Elliana.


The Team

In addition to Caleb and Jesse, Nutty Novelties currently employs an amazing staff of 11 part-timers. Some help with production at our facility in Telford PA, others are on the road doing farmers’ markets and other events, and some do both! We are incredibly blessed to have such a diligent, smart and fun-loving staff and they truly make every day of “work” a joy.
If you are interested in joining us, shoot Caleb an email at As we continue to grow we continue to need more help!