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Functional Medicine Doctor Discusses Nuts

At Nutty Novelties, our tagline is “Awesome Nut Butters.” “Awesome Nut Butters” means our products are both healthy and packed with flavor. “Awesome Nut Butters” means that we make nut butters without hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and palm oil. “Awesome Nut Butters” means we strive for a product with optimal ingredients and optimal flavor for optimal body function. And don’t just take our word for it! We talked to Dr. Michael Kaye from The Center for Functional Health in Perkasie, PA to unpack the definition of functional medicine. He explains to us what root-cause medicine is and how it ties closely to diet and nutrition. When you see that a functional medicine doctor discusses nuts like Dr. Kaye does, you’ll know it’s not just us being nutty.

Dr. Kaye discusses several aspects of nuts that people often don’t think about! For example, a lot of people think they are being healthy when they have a serving of nuts for a snack. But did you know that certain nuts and certain brands of nuts can be causing more harm than good? For example, the highly processed vegetable oils (eg. soybean oil) in many manufactured foods, including nuts, can cause harmful cholesterol levels and blood pressure. What you think is a healthy habit is really hurting your body!

Nutty Novelties wants to help you be healthy to the core. That’s why we are so picky with what ingredients go into our jars and in your cupboard. Sure, it’s just almond butter, or peanut butter, or cashew butter, or pistachio butter, but it’s way more than that to us. Swing on over to this link to start or continue living a lifestyle that’s healthy to the core. It’s basically doctor’s orders ;)

Thanks so much, Dr. Kaye, for the work you do to keep us healthy! Check out this link for any needs you have regarding functional medicine! His office is right in Sellersville, PA!