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Almond Benefits

Hey there nutty fam! Here's a tidbit we've learned from years of business with you guys: all y'all nutty people want to know how healthy our products are. The fact that you have asked and continue to ask that question excites us because we want to help YOU be healthy. We reached out to certified health and lifestyle coach Melanie Stewart (see bio at bottom) to answer one simple question: what are the health benefits of almonds? We asked because they're, ya know, the ONLY ingredient in our almond butter! Watch this video or read the transcription in this post to learn some awesome information about our awesome almond butters.

Almond Benefits Transcript

Zach: What's up, nutty family? Zach LaValla here one more time from Nutty Novelties here with the first of a four part series on the health benefits of all the nuts that we use in our awesome nut butters here at Nutty Novelties. We are here with certified health and lifestyle coach Melanie Stewart, who's gonna give us lots of insights into these nuts. The first of this four-part series is almonds. Melanie, what are the health benefits of almonds?

Melanie: Hi, Zach. Great to be with you today. Almonds have many health benefits, and they're known as one of the best nuts for disease prevention. And that's because they're rich in fiber and vitamin E. In vitamin E, they have almost half of daily allowance in a one ounce serving. The vitamin E, along with other antioxidants, support the oxidative damage in cells in your body. And, of course, that leads to many diseases as those cells deal with that oxidative stress. In addition to that, almonds have more calcium than any other nut. Calcium, of course, helps with bone health. So, Zach, there are many health benefits to almonds.

Zach: That's really great information. Thanks so much for sharing it, Melanie. If you guys want to get all those amazing health benefits of almonds, get some Nutty Novelties, all natural Almond Butter. 100% almonds. Nothing else. No hydrogenated oil, no preservatives, no palm oil, no junk. Only the good stuff. No matter how hard we try here at Nutty Novelties, we can't help but keep it nutty with our awesome nut butters. Check them out soon.

Melanie Stewart Bio 

Melanie Stewart is a certified health and lifestyle coach. After working for 25+ years in corporate America for several Fortune 500 companies, Melanie understood the struggles of balancing fast-paced, high-stress work environments with living a life full of health and wellness. She earned her certification for Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started her own business to help everyday people live a life full of holistic wellness, the foundation for which is an excellent diet. She is now a Hormone Specialist Coach at BeBalanced in Blue Bell, PA. We at Nutty Novelties are thankful to have someone as AWESOME as Melanie discuss the AWESOME health benefits of our AWESOME nut butters. Thanks Melanie!